Last Strand

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Last Strand

Last Strand

By: Jennifer Estep

series:Elemental Assassin #19
audio performed by: Lauren Fortgang
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:10/12/2021
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Every bloody thread has been leading to this....

I've battled a lot of bad guys in my time, both as Gin Blanco and as the notorious assassin the Spider. But I've never faced off against anyone quite as powerful and deadly as the dastardly leader of the Circle secret society. 

Just when I finally have a lead on how I can defeat the evil group once and for all, new information comes to light that throws me for a loop. Suddenly, everyone and everything I love is in imminent peril of being destroyed, and I'm racing against the clock to figure out a way to save my friends.

The stakes couldn't be higher, and the danger has never been greater. Somehow, I need to weave one last strand in my web of death - and kill my enemies before they kill me....