Rain, The

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Rain, The

Rain, The

By: B. B. Thomas

audio performed by: Katy Sobey, Catrin Walker-Booth, Tom Petty
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:11/30/2021
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A taut psychological thriller that will keep listeners guessing all the way to the end....

Rob and Emma have made a fresh start, moving away from London and back to her hometown. With their baby daughter Sophie, their family is complete.

Until one night, Rob arrives home from a late shift to find baby Sophie crying and on her own. Frantically, he searches the house and surroundings, but Emma has disappeared without a trace.

Rob is distraught. Emma couldn't abandon their child - could she?

As rumours spread around the village, Rob uncovers secrets about Emma's past life that shake his foundations about the woman he thought he married.

And when suspicion is cast on him, he must take desperate action to find out what happened to Emma. The question is, does he know his wife well enough to uncover the truth?