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Answers to the Most Perplexing and Amusing Mysteries of Everyday Life

By: David Feldman

audio performed by: Erin Bennett, Feodor Chin
genre: Psychology/Science - Science
publication date:11/16/2021
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There are plenty of books that profess to tell you the meaning of life. But where can you go to find answers to the little mysteries of life that drive you nuts until you find their solution? Imponderables are questions that cannot be answered by numbers or measurements or standard reference books, and Feldman has devoted his life to the eradication of all imponderables.

Almost all of the questions in the book were submitted by David Feldman's faithful admirers, and the author found experts in everything from fly swatters to mascara to provide the solutions. If wondering about when fish sleep or why clocks run clockwise or why you look up when thinking keep you up late at night, you've come to the right place.