Song of Night

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Song of Night

Song of Night

By: Jacob Cooper

series:The Dying Lands Chronicle #2
audio performed by: Michael Kramer
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:11/23/2021
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Song of Night is book two in the best-selling epic fantasy series The Dying Lands Chronicle.

The veil has been torn.

The ancient dark has risen.

Dark harmonies echo throughout the world.

But the ancient Axioms of Light have been spoken once again.

In the midst of the Dark's swelling tide, Reign Kerr has emerged with the mythical power of the Ancients, a power she wielded to defeat the brutal Borathein invasion. Reign must now discover the keys to the Gates of Confluence if the world has any hope of salvation - a journey that will unearth heretical secrets and change her in ways she may not be strong enough to survive.

Hedron struggles to rebuild Arlethia and solidify his rule in the aftermath of the Borathein invasion, but new threats arise from within and push allegiances to the brink. A subtle darkness stirs within him as he is called upon to look beyond his own people's welfare, threatening to overwhelm him and put those he strives to lead in mortal danger.

Call forth the Heralds. Gather the Witnesses. Let the Blood of Creation again flow.