Saturn's Monsters

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Saturn's Monsters

Saturn's Monsters

By: Thomas K. Carpenter

audio performed by: Amy Deuchler
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:12/07/2021
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Cassia Vici is on a one-way trip to Saturn - to help humanity reach the stars.

A towering genius who'd already solved the problem of death by making memory recording possible, Cassia leads a team of scientists and problem solvers to a station floating in the harsh winds of Saturn. Their mission: to grow interstellar ships using nanobots in the planet's material-rich environment. She called them "monsters" to help sell the project to a skeptical public.

Little did she know how prophetic that name would become.

But an unexpected death seeds doubt among the team, putting the mission in jeopardy. As her team struggles to save the future, Cassia is haunted by her past - a wife and daughter who died in the very technology that made mind recording possible.

With time running out, Cassia and her crew will need one final miracle to build the monsters that could become both their savior - and their doom.