Darkest Shore, The

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Darkest Shore, The

Darkest Shore, The

By: Karen Brooks

audio performed by: Willow Nash
genre: Fiction - Historical Fiction
publication date:01/15/2022


The independent women of Scotland stand up to a witch hunt, male fury and the power of the Church in a battle for survival.

1703. The wild east coast of Scotland.

Returning to her home town of Pittenweem, fishwife and widow Sorcha McIntyre knows she faces both censure and mistrust. After all, this is a country where myth and legend are woven into the fabric of the everyday, a time when those who defy custom like Sorcha are called to account.

It is dangerous to be a clever woman who 'doesn't know her place' in Pittenweem – a town rife with superstition. So, when a young local falls victim to witchcraft, the Reverend Cowper and the townsfolk know who to blame. What follows for Sorcha and her friends is a terrifying battle, not only for their souls, but for their lives, as they are pitted against the villagers' fear, a malevolent man and the might of the church.

'The characters are complex and compelling ... a powerful novel, at times brutal, but always enthralling. The Darkest Shore is a major achievement for Karen Brooks.'
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