American Indian Stories (AmazonClassics Edition)

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American Indian Stories (AmazonClassics Edition)

American Indian Stories (AmazonClassics Edition)

By: Zitkála-Šá

audio performed by: Katie Rich
genre: Classics - Classics
publication date:01/25/2022


In these essays, stories, and reflections, trailblazing Yankton Dakota writer and artist Zitkála-Šá honors the rich heritage of Sioux oral tradition. She muses on her childhood and early schooling, shares warrior tales of ancient spirits, and tells of the foreboding appearance of white settlers and missionaries. As a committed activist and a seminal voice for change, Zitkála-Šá also explores the oppressive forces that sought to erase her culture and remove her people from their land. American Indian Stories feels remarkably contemporary. Zitkála-Šá moves easily across genres and styles to offer a sometimes mournful, sometimes joyful account of a life that deserves to be much better known today.

Revised edition: Previously published as American Indian Stories, this edition of American Indian Stories (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.