Present, The

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Present, The

Present, The

By: Jay Martel

audio performed by: Fred Berman
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:01/11/2022
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Adam Diehl is an 11-year-old in crisis. He knows his parents are going to split up - today - and he'd do anything in his power to stop them. If only he could turn back time....

As it turns out, he can.

What his parents don't know - what his sister and brother would never suspect - is that Adam is a genius, and the computer he stares at all day has opened a gateway to knowledge beyond our comprehension.

But not Adam's.

Now, he has a plan. He's going to repeat this day over and over until he finds the version of it that ends with his parents staying together. But he can't keep resetting the day forever.

Because the laws of time are strict, and they're starting to push back.