Lost Gargoyle of Paris, The

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Lost Gargoyle of Paris, The

Lost Gargoyle of Paris, The

An Accidental Alchemist Mystery Novella

By: Gigi Pandian

series:Accidental Alchemist Mysteries
audio performed by: Julia Motyka
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:01/11/2022
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A trip to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. An art heist. And a locked-room mystery.

Alchemist Zoe Faust and her impish gargoyle sidekick Dorian Robert-Houdin travel to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to investigate a mysterious discovery found in the wreckage of the tragic fire: a long-lost gargoyle illustration drawn by Victor Hugo himself.

When the work of art is stolen under impossible circumstances, Dorian must use his “little gray cells” — not to mention his culinary skills — to solve the crime and discover the true origins of where he came from.

Love armchair travel, Paris, and humorous mysteries? Don't miss this Accidental Alchemist novella from USA Today bestselling and Anthony Award-winning author Gigi Pandian.

Includes delicious vegan recipes!

The Lost Gargoyle of Paris is an Accidental Alchemist Mystery novella and is less than half the length of the novels in the series. It stands alone, but if you want to hear more about Zoe, Dorian, and their misfit friends back in Portland, Oregon, check out The Accidental Alchemist, The Masquerading Magician, The Elusive Elixir, and The Alchemist's Illusion.