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By: Karl Hill

series:Adam Black #2
audio performed by: Martin Donaghy
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:06/15/2022


A mysterious legacy. A man on a mission. A mission that might be his last. Violation is a gripping fast-paced action thriller by Karl Hill.

When Adam Black learns he is the sole beneficiary of a stranger’s will, he begins to ask questions. Why would a man Black has never met or heard of leave him everything he owns? And as Black looks deeper, he discovers that the legacy is shrouded in mystery.

To uncover the truth, Black will travel a violent and treacherous path. A path which leads to devastating consequences.

This is Adam Black's biggest challenge yet. And, to endure it, he must once again resort to the skill he is an expert in. Killing for survival. But will Black make it back in one piece or will it result in his undoing?