Rigatoni the Pasta Cat & Hampstead the Hamster

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Rigatoni the Pasta Cat & Hampstead the Hamster

Rigatoni the Pasta Cat & Hampstead the Hamster

By: Michael Rosen

audio performed by: Michael Rosen
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:06/15/2022


A collection of charming and funny stories from award-winning and best-selling author, Michael Rosen and illustrated by best-selling illustrator, Tony Ross.

Rigatoni the Pasta Cat

Rigatoni is a cat that loves pasta. He loves it so much, he eats it every day. But when his owners have to go away, they leave someone else in charge of dinner. Rigatoni doesn’t get any pasta to eat at all, just yucky cat food. Can Rigatoni find someone who will serve him a little bowl of spaghetti?

Hampstead the Hamster

Christmas is coming, and what Leo wants more than anything in the world is a pet hamster. And guess what? He gets one on Christmas morning! Leo names his new pet Hampstead, after an autocorrect mistake on his wish list. Everything is great, that is, until Leo realises that Hampstead is down in the dumps. What can Leo do to cheer Hampstead up?