Wild Irish Rose

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Wild Irish Rose

Wild Irish Rose

By: Rhys Bowen, Clare Broyles

series:Molly Murphy Mysteries #18
audio performed by: Nicola Barber
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:05/10/2022
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New York Times best-selling author Rhys Bowen, now writing in partnership with her daughter, Clare Broyles, transports and enthralls audiences through the incomparable Molly Murphy Sullivan. Wild Irish Rose is the next novel in this beloved mystery series, a cause for celebration for fans and critics alike.

New York, 1907: Now that she's no longer a private detective - at least not officially - Molly Murphy Sullivan is looking forward to a time of settled tranquility with friends and family. Back in New York, where her own story began, Molly decides to accompany some friends to Ellis Island to help distribute clothing to those in need. This journey quickly stirs up memories for Molly. When you're far from home and see people from your country, every face looks like a family member.

That evening Molly's policeman husband, Daniel, is late returning home. He comes with a tale to tell: There was a murder on Ellis Island that day, and the main suspect is the spitting image of Molly. The circumstances are eerily similar to when Molly herself arrived on Ellis Island, and she can't help but feel a sense of fate. Molly was meant to be there that day so that she can clear this woman's name.