End Game

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End Game

End Game

By: Jasper T. Scott

series:Kyron Invasion #3
audio performed by: Jonathan Davis
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:05/24/2022
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From million-copy best-selling author Jasper T. Scott

Earth is overrun....

Chris Randall and his family are on the run with a group of renegade soldiers led by General Gold. Having stolen a Kyron shuttle and escaped from the occupied cities, they are safe - for now.

General Gold has a plan to strike back against the Kyra. Meanwhile, one of Earth's old colony ships has returned, and they have revealed the invaders' weakness: the Chrona.

But are the Chrona a new enemy or a friend? Chris isn't sure, and he isn't convinced that striking back is a good idea. Yet, one thing he knows without a doubt: The fate of the human race hinges on the answer.