William and the Mysterious Brame

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William and the Mysterious Brame

William and the Mysterious Brame

By: Katherine Paterson

audio performed by: Barrett Leddy
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:05/10/2022
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A love letter to books and reading by beloved Newbery Award-winning author Katherine Paterson. 

William hates reading. It's so boring! Word after word, page after page, chapter after chapter, ugh. So when his local library starts stocking something called a brame - a combination of a book and a game in a jar - he's intrigued enough to give it a go. He has to nibble the brame pieces, which taste like cardboard and only give a hint to the story, which is fun at first. Who, or what, is Madison? What does “Thursday at Midnight” mean? Chewing the pieces is slow and tedious work - how will William ever get through all the pieces and figure out what this story is about? 

Consuming a story has never been like this.