Lake of the Long Sun

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Lake of the Long Sun

Lake of the Long Sun

By: Gene Wolfe

series:Book of the Long Sun #2
audio performed by: Jason Culp
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Sci-Fi
publication date:05/17/2022
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Lake of the Long Sun is the second volume in the Book of the Long Sun series from science-fiction and fantasy master Gene Wolfe.

It is the far future, and the giant spaceship The Whorl has travelled for forgotten generations toward its destination. Lit inside by the artificial Long Sun, The Whorl is so huge that you can see whole cities in the sky. And now the gods of The Whorl begin to intervene in human affairs. A god speaks to Patera Silk, a clergyman at work in the schoolyard of his church. Silk must go on a quest to save his church and his people.

"Stylistic excellence and topnotch storytelling." (Library Journal