Another Name for the Devil

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Another Name for the Devil

Another Name for the Devil

By: Mason Deaver

series:Audible Original Stories
audio performed by: Avi Roque
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Horror
publication date:06/21/2022
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Sweet evil, come deliver us.

Gabriel has spent the last decade trying to forget his best friend, the first boy he ever loved: Jacob. Ripped away from each other in the midst of a family tragedy, Gabriel grieved for Jacob alone, surviving in their small religious town before finally breaking free to attend college, where they found new friends and relationships to pursue. To Gabriel, Jacob became a distant memory.

Until one fateful Halloween night, when the two are reunited, and Gabriel couldn't be happier. Now, as adults, they can find the comfort and love that they desired in their adolescence. However, it doesn't take long for Gabriel to realize that time apart has changed Jacob. The once confident and assured boy has grown into an isolated and obsessive adult. And the more Gabriel discovers about the man he loves, the clearer the danger becomes. 

When Jacob reveals to Gabriel his life's work - his studies into the occult, demonic practices, and his ultimate desire to summon and communicate with Paimon, a King of Hell - Gabriel finds himself dragged into a world that they never asked to be a part of. But the further Gabriel goes, the more they realize that the demonic king is not the true threat and that evil has been beside them all along....

A twisted, supernatural thriller from the acclaimed and best-selling writer Mason Deaver about a love darkened by trauma and turned wicked by obsession.