Inspired by Andrea Dworkin

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Inspired by Andrea Dworkin

Inspired by Andrea Dworkin

Essays on Lust, Aggression, Porn, & The Female Gaze That I Might Not Have Written If Not for Her

By: Susie Bright

audio performed by: Susie Bright
genre: Political/Social - Social Science
publication date:06/21/2022
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After Andrea Dworkin, the famous feminist philosopher and activist, passed away, her chief critic, Susie Bright, who many perceived as Dworkin's opposite, published a stirring obituary and series of essays in which she described the ways that Dworkin was a catalyst for the sex-positive movement in contemporary feminism.

Essays include:

  • "The Baffling Case of Andrea Dworkin"
  • "Spankful"
  • "Story of O Birthday Party"
  • "Are Women Making Porn Movies?"
  • "As Porn as We Wanna Be"
  • "Lesbian Lowdown"
  • "The Prime of Miss Kitty MacKinnon"
  • "Introduction to Nothing but the Girl: The Blatant Lesbian Image"
  • "Dyke"
  • "C--t"
  • "Soaking Feminism"
  • "Vargas Girls: Susie's Vargas in Drag, and Andrea's Blonde Sambos"
  • "Andrea Dworkin Has Died