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By: Alexandra Wood

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It's Christmas Eve, and Lara anxiously anticipates the arrival of her sister, Cleo, so she can reveal a shocking family secret that has been haunting Lara since their mother's death. By confronting revelations about their grandfather's shameful past, Lara is hopeful that she and Cleo can make reparations and exorcise this ghost from their lives. The ghost, however, won't be appeased so easily....

Alexandra Wood's new play - twisty, suspenseful, and written exclusively for audio - will convince you that you really can't escape your past.

Playwright Alexandra Wood was awarded a commission through the Audible Emerging Playwrights Fund, an initiative dedicated to developing innovative original plays driven by language and voice. As an Audible-commissioned playwright, she received funding and creative support to develop Descent.

This audio play features immersive audio techniques; to maximize the listening experience, headphones are recommended.