Werewolf's 15 Minutes, The

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Werewolf's 15 Minutes, The

Werewolf's 15 Minutes, The

By: Jonathan Maberry

series:Audible Original Stories
audio performed by: Dina Pearlman, Ray Porter
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Horror
publication date:06/28/2022
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Gary Bruce is a slacker of epic loserness. Can't keep a job. His friends are as bad as he is. No girlfriend. No direction.

Gary Bruce is also a werewolf.

Desperate for any kind of success, Gary decides to out himself on YouTube. The moment this ordinary guy goes full-on fur, fangs, and claws, the world can't get enough of him. He's the biggest thing on social media, he's on every talk show, book and movie deals fall in his lap, and for the first time in his life he gets invited to all the best parties.

But celebrity is a special kind of voracious monster. And when Gary's star begins to lose its luster, he has to decide how far he'll go to stay relevant in a world that discards has-beens in favor of the next big thing. 

Fortunately, Gary has a plan....

“The Werewolf's 15 Minutes” is a brand-new short story by New York Times best seller and five-time Bram Stoker Award winner Jonathan Maberry, author of Bewilderness and V-Wars (Netflix).