Eminent Domain

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A single car crash changes the world as we know it in this immersive audio experience.

Loretta Pacheco has a cool job at an electric car company. Her life finally seems headed in the right direction.

But in a flash, it all starts to fall apart.

What were the strange voices she heard as she lay injured by the side of the road? Why, exactly, did two young boys disappear all those years ago? And what is this strange sound in her head?

Loretta's determined to uncover the truth. But whose truth is it? And why are the people closest to her suddenly not who they seem to be?

Eminent Domain is a full-cast science fiction drama, recorded on location in New Mexico.

NOTE: For an enhanced listening experience, headphones are recommended. 

Full cast of narrators includes: Tiger Phillips, Tasneem Bsais, Emily Rankin, Shawn Boyd, Chris Eide, Morgan Pollitt, Evan Langford, and Warren Langford.