Far Horizon

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Far Horizon

Far Horizon

By: Tony Park

audio performed by: Richard Aspel
genre: Fiction - Fiction
publication date:08/15/2022


''Park's description of the South African landscape is sharp and sensory ... As much as Far Horizon is an action-drivel popular novel of adventure and pursuit, it is also a love story.'
The West Australian

''An enthralling page-turner ... [Tony Park] clearly has an extensive knowledge of Africa."
Who Weekly

The original debut novel of Australia's foremost action/adventure writer.

Former Australian Army officer Mike Williams is trying to forget a troubled past – with a carefree existence as an overland tour guide in Africa. But then one day on the road, he receives word that the South African Police have some news for him.

A bloody and tragic run-in with ivory hunters in Mozambique the year before had left Mike's world in shreds. But now the authorities are on the poachers' trail and they need his help to catch them.

Tenacious English journalist Sarah Thatcher is along for the ride, and insists on becoming involved. Mike must choose between his duty to keep the young tourists in his care safe and his hunger for retribution. Sarah will risk anything and anyone for a story, but never could have predicted the trouble she would find herself in.

The murderous hunters and the innocent travellers are on a parallel journey through Africa's most spectacular locations. Eventually their paths will cross and Mike will have his shot at revenge. but at what cost?