Tashi Collection (7 in 1), The

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Tashi Collection (7 in 1), The

Tashi Collection (7 in 1), The

By: Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg

audio performed by: Stig Wemyss, Tamblyn Lord
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:08/15/2022


An exclusive audio release, combining seven Tashi titles into a collection of stories about dancing shoes, ghost monsters in the forest a forbidden room.

‘Well, it was like this. Come and I’ll tell you about the time I tricked the last dragon of all.’ Jack has an extraordinary new friend. Tashi comes from a place far away and tells the best stories, about how he escaped from a war lord and flew to Australia on a swan. About how he was chased by a giant. Tashi’s always in trouble, but he always has a cunning plan!

Includes the stories:

Tashi and the Baba Yaga

Tashi and the Ghosts and Other Stories


Tashi and the Dancing Shoes

Tashi and the Haunted House

Tashi Lost in the City

Tashi and the Forbidden Room