Hold Me Closer, Toni Danzig

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Hold Me Closer, Toni Danzig

Hold Me Closer, Toni Danzig

By: Laura Henry

series:Audible Original Stories
audio performed by: Suehyla El-Attar, Lori Prince
genre: Fiction - Fiction/Gay Fiction
publication date:08/02/2022
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Don't miss this sexy, queer rom-com full of love, laughter, and a little karaoke.

Toni Danzig is a dirt bag—literally. There's nothing she enjoys more than being out in the mountains leading adventure tours. On a well-deserved break over a long weekend, she's DJ-ing karaoke at the Dew Drop Inn when Audrey Adams takes the stage to sing the greatest middle finger break-up song ever, dedicated to her ex-girlfriend. It's a perfect night that culminates in a transcendental experience in bed…before Audrey rushes out the next day.

Monday morning, the holidays are in full swing when Audrey's worst nightmare comes true. After the most memorable night of her life, she's thrust together with the one woman who she hasn't been able to forget—on a strictly-professional consulting project for her family's business. 

Meanwhile, Toni can't believe her luck. Now she has the unexpected chance to win Audrey over, and she sets a goal to be someone worthy of this woman's love and respect. Will they crash and burn like a bad karaoke performance—or will they be singing a duet before the new year?