Existentially Challenged

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Existentially Challenged

Existentially Challenged

By: Yahtzee Croshaw

series:The DEDA Files #2
audio performed by: Yahtzee Croshaw
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:08/09/2022
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With magic declassified in the UK, the fake psychics and fraudulent healers are running amok, and it's up to the Department of Extradimensional Affairs' newly appointed Skepticism Officers to crack down. But when they set their sights on Modern Miracle, a highly suspicious and fast-growing faith healing cult with remarkably good social media presence, even their skepticism is put to the test.

Is Modern Miracle on the level? Is Miracle Meg's healing magic real? Why do dead bodies keep showing up on their doorstep? And just what is Miracle Dad's preferred flavour of crisp?

In Existentially Challenged, the sequel to Differently Morphous, the men and women of the Department of Extradimensional Affairs continue their struggle to uncover the motives of the Ancients under the ever-present threat of death, insanity, and sensitivity training.