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A team of military contractors fights for its life in this high-adrenaline, full-cast drama from Mark Greaney, author of the Audible and New York Times best-selling Gray Man series.

Josh Duffy is staring into the abyss.

A decorated army veteran turned military contractor, his last mission went sideways, leaving him badly injured and his career derailed. Now, he's working as a mall cop, trying to keep his family one step ahead of the bill collectors.

So when a chance at redemption - and a big pay day - comes his way, Duff eagerly jumps in.

The job - to ride shotgun on a motorcade of heavily armed and armored vehicles as they roll into Mexico's cartel country. The mission - to find a notorious drug lord and bring him to the negotiating table with the Mexican government and the UN. 

But Duff's employer, Armored Saint, has a track record that's sketchy, at best. And from the moment the motorcade hits the dusty roads, the danger only increases.

It's a suicide run - and for Duff, the violent forces of the cartels may not be the biggest threat.

NOTE: Armored contains scenes of violence and strong language and is intended for mature listeners.


  • Robert M. Jimenez
  • Ana Osorio
  • Andrew Call
  • Barrie Kreinik
  • Brandon Dirden
  • Chris Andrew Ciulla
  • Dan Bittner
  • Elizabeth Evans
  • Fajer Al-Kaisi
  • Gabriel Gutierrez
  • Gregory Connors
  • Jay Snyder
  • Kevin T. Collins
  • Khristine Hvam
  • Lauren Fortgang
  • Neil Hellegers
  • Steve Routman
  • Thom Rivera
  • Alejandro Toro
  • Alex Hernandez
  • Beto Ruiz
  • Eliud Kauffman
  • Gabriel Romero
  • Jalen Gilbert
  • John Mossman
  • Leila Buck
  • Ronald Conner
  • Santiago Ceja Garza
  • Simon Jutras