Moon Boy Loves My Best Friend, A

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Moon Boy Loves My Best Friend, A

Moon Boy Loves My Best Friend, A

By: Rebecca Patterson

series:Moon Girl #3
audio performed by: Eloise Mignon
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Middle Grade
publication date:09/15/2022


The third instalment in the Moon Girl series, perfect for young listeners looking for a humorous friendship story with a sci-fi twist from award-winning author Rebecca Patterson.

Lyla and her class are going camping on the moon with Moon Kids—the coolest kids in the universe. They dress like stars and fly their own sky cars. So who wants to be stuck in camp when you can sneak out with them to the bright city of Catena Yuri?

Too bad a moon boy and Lyla’s best friend turn the city trip into a date. For left-out Lyla, things go from cringe to chaos!