How to Hide an Alien

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How to Hide an Alien

How to Hide an Alien

By: Karen McCombie

series:Star Boy #2
audio performed by: Dami Olukoya
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Middle Grade
publication date:09/15/2022


With the Star Boy having chosen to make Earth his new home, Kiki and Wes are faced with the very real problem of how to keep their now permanent alien visitor hidden.

Life isn't easy, especially if you're from another planet....

With his space-pod destroyed, the Star Boy is adapting to life on Earth with help from his friends Kiki and Wes, but Kiki's long list of don'ts is a constant reminder of how hard it is to pass for a convincing human.

But more troubling for the Star Boy is the strange pings and pangs he's experiencing, and the hard-to-hide electrical surges that are worrying his human rescuers. And when the Star Boy accidentally channels his true form on to the whiteboard of every class at Riverside Academy, things reach a whole new level of panic. With frenzied reports of an alien sighting trending on social media, how can Kiki and Wes keep their friend safe?