True North

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True North

True North

A Memoir

By: Catherine Deveny

audio performed by: Janet Watson Kruse
genre: Biography - Nonfiction/Memoir
publication date:09/15/2022


An uplifting, heartfelt memoir about surviving life’s upheavals – and how to live authentically by Catherine Deveny.

When writer Catherine Deveny faced the end of a 17-year relationship with the father of her children, she had no idea what lay on the other side of the months of tumult – she just knew she had to create space for a new life.

But this wasn’t the first time Deveny had taken a plunge into the unknown or let go of conventional assumptions. In True North, she shares how she emerged from an oppressive Catholic upbringing in working-class Reservoir, found her tribe in Fitzroy’s share houses in the 80s, and learnt to live life on her own terms as she navigated the highs and lows of a creative life, family legacies and intimate relationships.

'Truly superb; one of the most clear-eyed, compelling and insightful memoirs I've ever read.'
Michael Lallo, senior culture editor, The Age

'Catherine Deveny has magic in her, and so does every page of this book. There are no words left to explain how I feel about the extreme truths and candid self-knowledge shared in these pages, because Deveny has used them all. Breathtaking.'
Chrissie Swan, broadcaster, television presenter and life enthusiast

''True North is like reading with virtual reality goggles on. You are in the room living life as she does: authentically, truthfully and bloody deeply.'
Fiona Patten, MP, author and activist

'True North is honest, funny, loving, creative and full of humanity. I loved reading this. It’s a ripping yarn.'
David Bridie, musician