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By: David Estes

series:The Kingfall Histories #4
audio performed by: Tim Gerard Reynolds
genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy - Fantasy
publication date:09/20/2022
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As heroes and villains seek to secure the seven godblades, the greatest evil to threaten Kingfall draws ever closer.

Six of the seven godblades have been revealed, but is Kingfall any safer than it was before these ancient weapons were returned to the light? This and myriad other questions must be answered before the world can know true peace.

In the east, Sampson Gaard and his unexpected band of traveling companions must navigate the dangers of the Spine as they seek the source of the strange force drawing them ever onward. Meanwhile, Roman Leary, burned and scarred beyond recognition, searches for a purpose even he cannot hope to understand.

In the west, Peony faces a newer, darker version of her bondmate, Dane, as well as a looming threat of war from her own brother, the newly crowned king of Odin. Dane, on the other hand, fights to restore his bond to the only creature in all of Kingfall who truly understands him, his dragon, Daneus.

In the north, Rose grapples with the political pressures inherent in her role as queen, while simultaneously staving off the demons of her past. At the same time, Drake searches for answers to explain the resurrection of his dragonbond, Draconus.

In the south, Aisling, Amari, and Prudence seek safe passage to Avadon, only to find themselves facing an enemy worse than any they've encountered thus far in the form of Pentockian slavers.

Be bright, but do not burn. Embrace the shadows, but do not live in the darkness.