Gabriel's Gift

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Gabriel's Gift

Gabriel's Gift

A Lost Hearts Christmas Story

By: Christina Dodd

series:Lost Hearts
audio performed by: Eric G. Dove
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:11/01/2022


New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd first introduced Gabriel Prescott in her beloved Lost Hearts series. She continued his story throughout the suspenseful Fortune Hunters series and at last, in Danger in a Red Dress, readers rejoiced as he at last discovered the truth about his family, and met the woman of his dreams.

Now, in this original short story, Gabriel must confront the demons of his past for a young girl to have any hope of a future, and discovers that, at Christmas, blessings sometimes come in disguise.

A heartwarming epilogue for readers of Christina Dodd's Lost Hearts and Fortune Hunters series.

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