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An interview recorded on an iPhone.

A police interrogation tape.

An FBI wire.

At the center of them all is a writer researching a legal thriller...or is he? And somewhere within those recordings is the truth about a murder trial and a web of lies stretching back three decades.

Written by Ben H. Winters, the best-selling author of Underground Airlines, The Last Policeman, and the Audible Original Inside Jobs, Q&A is a tantalizing puzzle and a gripping tale of obsession and revenge.

Because, you can never really know the truth of a conversation - even when it's all on tape.

The full-cast production of Q&A stars:

John Zdrojeski as the Young Man
Robert Creighton as Lou Douglas
Jay Snyder as Detective Murphy
Nicole Lewis as Detective Garcia
Kathryn Kates as Judge Goldman
Michael Braun as Fannon
Elizabeth Evans as Mary-Ellen 

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