Oedipus Plays (AmazonClassics Edition), The

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Oedipus Plays (AmazonClassics Edition), The

Oedipus Plays (AmazonClassics Edition), The

By: Sophocles

audio performed by: Full Cast
genre: Classics - Classics
publication date:04/05/2022


In Oedipus the King, a plague is ravaging the city of Thebes. Oedipus learns that the polluting curse was triggered by the murder of his predecessor, Laïus. Determined to find the killer and end the threat to his people, Oedipus rages toward the truth and confronts an oracle’s haunting prophecy.

Oedipus at Colonus finds the king of Thebes now a blinded beggar banished for his sins. But he also holds a certain power—and with it a foretelling of further tragedy for his family.

In Antigone, the battle for control over Thebes has left two mourning sisters to face a more personal and devastating war with a new ruler who defies the laws of gods and men.

Inspired by the mythic house of Thebes, Sophocles’s defining Greek tragedies follow the fates that befall three doomed generations.

Revised edition: Previously published as The Oedipus Plays, this edition of The Oedipus Plays (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

Performed by the actors of The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company

Oedipus the King

Stage Directions/Argument – Kat Hermes
Oedipus – Scott Lange
The Priest of Zeus/Jocasta – Katherine Mayberry
Teiresias/Messenger – Eric Orive
Creon/Herdsman – Scott Wright
Second Messenger – Sarah Stark
Chorus – Kathleen Bode and Chaz Albright

Oedipus at Colonus

Stage Directions/Argument – Katherine Mayberry
Oedipus – Scott Lange
Antigone – Kat Hermes
Ismene – Sarah Stark
Theseus/Polyneices/Stranger – Eric Orive
Creon/Messenger – Scott Wright
Chorus – Kathleen Bode and Chaz Albright


Stage Directions/Argument – Katherine Mayberry
Antigone – Kat Hermes
Ismene/Eurydice – Sarah Stark
Creon – Scott Wright
Haemon/Messenger – Chaz Albright
Teiresias/Guard – Eric Orive
Chorus – Kathleen Bode and Scott Lange

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