Goodbye Party, The

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Goodbye Party, The

Goodbye Party, The

An Audible Original Drama

By: Louis Nowra

audio performed by: Full Cast, Ben Oxenbould, Steve Bisley, Aaron Pedersen
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Suspense
publication date:12/31/2019


In 1984, Detective Eric O'Malley investigated the bizarre deaths of a young couple, their bodies found naked by the side of a creek in Sydney's northern suburbs. Shortly before their demise, O'Malley learned, the pair had attended a swingers' party.  

The case was barely open before it was deemed an accident. But O'Malley knew it was murder. He just couldn't prove it. Thirty-five years later, O'Malley is found dead in his flat in what looks like a drug overdose. But his son James knows something's amiss. His dad was close to solving that case after all these years. And someone else knew it. To track down his father's killer, James must find the men and women who were there on the fateful night when that young couple died. 

This was the night of ‘The Goodbye Party' – and uncovering its secrets will lead James down a dark path, filled with horrific twists and turns. Inspired by Sydney's real-life Bogle-Chandler case, playwright Louis Nowra (writer of Australian classics Cosi, Radiance and The Golden Age) creates an enthralling multicast audio drama, featuring an exceptional cast including Ben Oxenbould (Deep Water, Wolf Creek), Steve Bisley (Water Rats, Mad Max), and Aaron Pedersen (Mystery Road, Jack Irish). This series contains mature themes and listener discretion is advised.  

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