Rule 1 of Investing

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Rule 1 of Investing

Rule 1 of Investing

How to Always Be on the Right Side of the Market

By: Mike Turner

audio performed by: Kevin R. Free, Kevin Free
genre: Business - Business
publication date:03/26/2019


In Rule #1 of Investing: How to Always Be on the Right Side of the Market, software designer and math genius Mike Turner shares his simple, ingenious method for making winning stock trades.  

Rule #1 begins with the foundation of Mike's entire system, the one condition that must be met before you even think about investing. It then reveals nine other rules Mike's system follows to produce its uncanny 80 percent win rate picking stocks… and to generate returns almost three times better than the market. Rule #1 is a must-listen-to investing guide for anyone struggling to profit in today's volatile market.