Lions and Tigers and Murder, Oh My

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Lions and Tigers and Murder, Oh My

Lions and Tigers and Murder, Oh My

By: Denise Swanson

series:A Devereaux's Dime Store Mystery #6
audio performed by: Maia Guest
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Mystery
publication date:10/03/2017


From the New York Times best-selling author of Between a Book and a Hard Place comes the latest Devereaux's Dime Store Mystery - and it packs a bite.

Opening up a dime store in her hometown of Shadow Bend, Missouri, Devereaux "Dev" Sinclair thought she'd left the wilds of city life behind her. But she's about to discover that even rural life can be beastly....

Handsome private investigator Jake Del Vecchio has rented the office space on the second floor above Devereaux's dime store, and Dev now finds herself embroiled in his first case, which involves Gabriella Winston, the missing wife of wealthy philanthropist Elliot Winston.

Elliot is determined to open a wildlife park on the edge of town but is facing all sorts of angry opposition - including Gabriella. After the Winstons have a bitter fight, Gabriella disappears, and their house is ransacked. The authorities are quick to claim Elliot killed his wife, but Dev's not so sure. One thing is certain: claws are out in Shadow Bend....

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