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By: Natalie K Martin

audio performed by: Belinda Fenty
genre: Women's Fiction - Womens Fiction
publication date:09/20/2022


Heartwarming, funny and bold, Natalie K Martin’s Unplanned asks: what if the unplanned moments are what life’s all about?

Travelling the world for eleven years, Zoe and Sam have been living the dream—Sam’s dream. But when Zoe discovers she is pregnant, she decides it is time to find a new dream, even if Sam isn’t a part of it.

Back in London and sleeping in her childhood bedroom, Zoe’s new life at first seems nothing more than her old single life, but with a bump. But then her best friend, Nina, challenges Zoe to take the next nine months to complete a pre-baby bucket list.

Now forced to look at her life through a new lens, Zoe has to decide what she wants, and whether that includes a man or not. But after a decade of being part of a ‘we’, is nine months enough time for Zoe to find out who she is as a ‘me’?

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