Missing Man, The

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Missing Man, The

Missing Man, The

By: Anna Karolina

series:Emma Tapper #2
audio performed by: Moira Quirk
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Crime Fiction
publication date:12/20/2022


Was she the billionaire’s lover? His partner in crime? Or his killer?

Former cop Emma Tapper and her lawyer boss Angela Köhler are defending shipping boss Anita Spendel, charged with murdering her billionaire husband. Anita insists Martin Spendel is still alive, but his car is soaked in his blood. Emma must clear Anita’s name by finding the missing man—dead or alive…

Meanwhile, on a luxury yacht off the coast of Ibiza, Bianca Aguilera is relaxing in the sun when a drone delivers an unexpected parcel. The contents: chilling evidence that someone close to her is dead. Horror quickly turns to realisation. She is being made to pay a heavy price for her ruthless takeover of a drugs cartel—but who is out for revenge, and can she stop them?

When Emma and Angela’s investigation leads them to Bianca, they’re unsure what to make of the street-smart single mother whose rise from nowhere seems suspiciously meteoric. Was she Martin’s lover, his partner in crime, or his killer? What is the real cargo Spendels Shipping International deals in? And can Emma find who is guilty in a case where no one seems wholly innocent?

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