Love Without Sex

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Love Without Sex

Love Without Sex

By: Sophie Lucido Johnson

audio performed by: Sophie Lucido Johnson
genre: Self Help/Family - Family & Relationships
publication date:11/15/2022
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From author and illustrator Sophie Lucido Johnson comes Love Without Sex, a fascinating three-part Audible Original that explores nontraditional relationships and shows how breaking down stereotypes and misconceptions around love can help us all build stronger, healthier connections to one another.

In our culture, the rom-com boy-meets-girl romantic set up is by and large the most persistent love story. And there's nothing inherently wrong with a monogamous relationship, of course - but the truth is, this structure is just one sliver of a big, complicated, messy, beautiful spectrum of the ways that people are living and loving today. So, where are all of the love stories that don't fit into the boy-meets-girl mold? Who wrote these rules, and why are we all following them?

Told in three parts, Love Without Sex explores:

  1. The “mononormative” culture we all live in and how it came to be
  2. True stories of nontraditional romance and family structure
  3. Asexuality and its implications on our understanding of love

Combining her personal experience with expert research and interviews with fascinating people who are “loving outside the lines” in their own ways, Johnson shows how love can stretch beyond traditional ideas of romance and sex to enrich our lives. This groundbreaking Audible Original will educate and entertain, proving that a broader understanding of love can benefit us all; from married couples, to young people stumbling through the ever-changing dating scene, and beyond.

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