Their Phoenix

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Their Phoenix

Their Phoenix

By: Anastasia James, Charlie Hart



After spending my life locked in my mother's no-so-metaphorical cage, I'm ready to set myself free. Getting cast in a Vegas show was my ticket out...but I quickly realize that doesn't mean I'm actually free as a bird. Instead of celebrating my new gig, Mom spends the evening setting me straight about a few things. I'm not who I think I am. Not even a little. 

When I meet my castmates - five men who say they were sent to protect me - I'm wrecked and raw. They take me under their wing, and I feel understood for the first time in my life. But they're keeping secrets from me, too.... They aren't ordinary men. They are hawk-shifters, and they claim I'm part of a bigger purpose. 

I just wanted to dance, to move across a stage. But maybe I was meant for more. Maybe I was meant to fly. In fact, maybe I was meant to soar.  

Dear listener, 

It's time to spread our wings in this third installment of the Daughters of Olympus series! The battle is on, and stakes are high - luckily there are five men on our side to help make the night sky a hell of a lot brighter, because when this harem gets together, it's fireworks.  

This is a reverse-harem romance with a high heat level.

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