It Takes a Woman

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It Takes a Woman

It Takes a Woman

By: DeVon Franklin

audio performed by: Aunt Sondra, Paulette Franklin, DeVon Franklin, Aunt Nuna, Aunt Ida, Aunt Enis, Aunt Donna
genre: Biography - Biography
publication date:12/06/2022
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There's an African proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child”. Hollywood producer and best-selling author DeVon Franklin offers a personal twist: It Takes a Woman. In this riveting and soul-stirring Audible Original, Franklin introduces us to the women who raised him—a “village of love” that selflessly came together to shape him into the man he is today. 

For the first time publicly, Franklin and his family discuss the aftermath of his father's untimely death and the despair that could have destroyed their future. It Takes a Woman offers listeners an emotional journey of tragedy, triumph, and healing as Franklin, his mother, and his five living great-aunts recall how the women heeded the call to help raise him and his two brothers. The candid conversation—covering everything from marriage, death, divorce, and regret to colorfully frank advice about dating, sex, and money—uncovers old wounds that are still fresh and pain that is still piercing, as well as a family bond that is unbreakable. 

The women's willingness to open their hearts and souls elevates this listen beyond simple memoir. Guided by their faith, they share decades of hard-earned life experiences and inspiring lessons. It's the foundation of love and communication that nurtured Franklin and his brothers, and one that will inspire listeners to embrace this village as their own.

It Takes a Woman, one family's true story of hope, faith, and resilience, honors the sacrifices of a remarkable village of Black women as experienced through the eyes of a Black man. It's also a universal celebration of the power of women to alter and enrich the lives they touch. 

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