Break Up Artist, The

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Break Up Artist, The

Break Up Artist, The

By: Laura Lovely, Erin Clark

audio performed by: Regan Linton
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:01/31/2023
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Don't miss this stunning debut rom-com that asks: Is love enough to win over a stone-cold heartbreaker?

Zelda Reynolds has a secret identity as “The Break-Up Artist,” the infamous ender of relationships. Don't want to end your relationship yourself? Just tell Zelda through her website and she'll get the job done like a pro. Her online business isn't paying the bills yet, but at least it's an escape from her real life, where her boss steals her best ideas, her dates are all duds, and her dad just married someone her own age.

When Zelda starts falling for the recipient of one of her snarkiest letters yet—a guy who is challenging her to let go of past hurts and reach for her dreams—will she have the courage to tell him the truth? Or will her undercover identity as the breaker of hearts come back to haunt her?

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