Psychology of a Patriot, The

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Psychology of a Patriot, The

Psychology of a Patriot, The

By: Saket Suman

audio performed by: Yohan Chacko
genre: Political/Social - Social Science
publication date:03/21/2023
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With his trademark wit and unique narrative style, journalist Saket Suman delivers an illuminating account of modern India, tracing the consolidation, evolution and contestation of patriotism from the first war of independence to the pandemic. 

This is a reporter's chronicle spanning three generations, backed by firsthand accounts of luminaries, peppered with numerous anecdotes and a passionate examination of his own beliefs. It is as scathing in its takedown of bigotry as it is lucid in charting a blow-by-blow account of our recent past. It is a tribute to the making of India and its founders as well as the affirmation of the will of the Indians to place the power in the hands of the people. 

The Psychology of a Patriot is a rare book, meant to be listened to with delicate attention. At its heart, it is a gripping story—the story of how we become us and why our bond must be cherished.

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