Nuclear Reaction, A

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Nuclear Reaction, A

Nuclear Reaction, A

By: David Beckler

series:An Antonia Conti Thriller #3
audio performed by: Chloë Sommer
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Thriller
publication date:05/23/2023


An investigative journalist just uncovered an explosive conspiracy. She won’t be silenced. But can her powerful enemies be stopped?

As Antonia Conti continues to make waves in London’s criminal underworld with her fearless investigative work, Rick Grainger, a star reporter for a rival newspaper, brings her a lead nobody else will touch—for good reason.

The story reveals corruption at the highest level of government, and she quickly discovers that the people involved will do anything to bury it. And just when Antonia thinks she’s won her battle, Grainger disappears. Can she and her old friend DI Russell Chapman uncover the connection with her investigation and bring Grainger’s abductors to justice?

When men appear threatening both their lives and those of those closest to them, Antonia and Chapman are in a race against time to fend off not only these adversaries, but enemies on both sides of the law. With everything on the line, can they save Grainger before it’s too late?

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