Unstoppable Jamie, The

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Unstoppable Jamie, The

Unstoppable Jamie, The

By: Joy Givens

genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Children`s
publication date:09/12/2023
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Inspired by the author’s son, the story of a boy with Down syndrome who goes on a superhero’s journey to New York City and learns what truly makes him unstoppable.

Jamie likes to pretend he’s a superhero. With his cape and gadgets, he feels like he can face anything. When his picture is chosen to be shown in Times Square for the NDSS Buddy Walk®, his family travels to New York City to see it. As he makes his way through the loud, busy, unfamiliar city, Jamie discovers that he doesn’t have all his special tools. But he soon realizes that it isn’t what he wears or the gadgets he uses that make him brave—it’s who he is inside.

This uplifting story includes an author’s note with information about Down syndrome.

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