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By: Helen Hardt

series:The Steel Brothers Saga #26
audio performed by: Nelson Hobbs, Lola James
genre: Romance - Romance/Contemporary
publication date:09/26/2023


Falling in love…and discovering the past…

As Ava Steel prepares to help her parents, Ryan and Ruby Steel, celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, the tarot cards she draws and cryptic messages from an unknown source mar her concentration. Her life is changing…and she’s convinced her parents have kept her in the dark about something important.

Brendan Murphy sees the woman he’s fallen in love with struggling, and though he wants to help, he doesn’t know how. After all, he’s received the same messages, which may mean he and his family have some connection to the Steels. Brendan’s father thinks it somehow relates to his uncle’s untimely death at a Steel wedding half a century earlier, but Brendan isn’t so sure.

When Ava finally unburies some of her family’s secrets, she questions who she is and where she belongs, while Brendan discovers how he and the Steels may be linked. The two confess their love, but they’re still troubled, as these ghosts from the past may spell danger for everyone around them.

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