Daughter of Winter and Twilight

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Daughter of Winter and Twilight

Daughter of Winter and Twilight

By: Helen Corcoran

series:Queen of Coin and Whispers #2
audio performed by: Katy Sobey
genre: Young Adult/Childrens - Young Adult
publication date:11/04/2023
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‘Magic was dormant – never dead’

To some, Emri – the adopted heir and daughter of two queens – is just a living reminder that her birth father tried to usurp the Edaran throne. About to come of age, and faced with changes beyond her control, she must also grapple with a Court visit from her estranged cousin, Melisande. But when they’re attacked by a magical force and spirited away, they must put their differences aside when Emri comes face to face with a goddess she’s always considered a myth: Lady Winter.

Trapped deep within a mountain temple alongside other captured young royals, they face a race against time to complete Lady Winter’s trials … or die.

Sequel to 2020's exciting YA debut - Queen of Coin and Whispers

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