Dirty Laundry

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Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

By: Mathilde Dratwa

audio performed by: Portia, Reed Birney, Alison Pill, Marsha Mason, Tala Ashe, Melissa Dougherty
genre: Entertainment - Art
publication date:12/05/2023
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An uproariously opinionated chorus of female voices (Portia, Tala Ashe, and Melissa Dougherty) provides the galloping cadence to Mathilde Dratwa's new play Dirty Laundry, a comedy-drama that puts everything on the table to explore the extremes of human emotion.

A woman (Alison Pill) finds herself grappling with both grief and anger following the sudden death of her mother and the shocking revelation of her father's infidelity. Her father (Reed Birney), on the other hand, is just trying his best to verbalize his own complicated feelings about love, loss, lust…and household chores.

And the other woman (Marsha Mason) simply wonders: Is she still “the other woman” when the original woman is gone?

Playwright Mathilde Dratwa was awarded a commission through the Audible Emerging Playwrights Fund, an initiative dedicated to developing innovative original plays driven by language and voice. As an Audible-commissioned playwright, she received funding and creative support to develop Dirty Laundry.

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