Hours of You, The

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Hours of You, The

Hours of You, The

By: Fiona Collins

audio performed by: Clare Corbett
genre: Romance - Romance
publication date:02/01/2024


Can twenty-four hours on an island paradise lead them to an unexpected reunion?

When Maggie accepts one last commission before retiring from journalism, she’s given twenty-four hours on a remote tropical island to interview former Hollywood heart-throb Ed Cavanagh. There are just two problems: firstly, Ed doesn’t want anything to do with Maggie’s exclusive, and secondly, he’s the only man who ever broke her heart…

It’s a scenario she never expected—to be in paradise with a man she first met as a teenager but has been trying to forget for the past fifteen years. As each precious hour brings back memories of their tangled love story, Maggie is forced to confront the painful twists of fate that kept them apart. Was a different future for them ever possible? Is it still possible now?

They’ve both been burned by love in the past, but as the clock ticks down on their time on the island; will this fleeting reunion extinguish the spark between them for good? Or is it one last chance for Maggie and Ed to rekindle that flame to live the love story they always thought possible?

This heartwarming and poignant story of forgiveness, hope and love is perfect for fans of Josie Silver, Sally Page and Lucy Diamond.

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