Roads Less Traveled: Murphy's Law

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Roads Less Traveled: Murphy's Law

Roads Less Traveled: Murphy's Law

By: C. Dulaney

series:Roads Less Traveled #2
audio performed by: Elisabeth Rodgers
genre: Thriller/Suspense - Action Adventure
publication date:05/03/2016
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Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Kasey and the gang were held together by a set of rules, their Zombie Plan. It kept them alive through the beginning of the End. But when the chaos faded, they became careless, and Murphy’s Law decided to pay a long-overdue visit.

“We had all made it through those first days of the zombie uprising, fought and bled over hundreds of miles to find each other…scratching and clawing just to keep our heads above water when our Z-Plan went to hell.”

Now the group is broken and scattered with no refuge in sight. Those remaining must make their way across West Virginia in search of those who were stolen from them, fighting not only merciless terrain, but hordes of newly-thawed and ravenous deadheads as well.

A new home is found. New alliances are formed. Then an alarming development presents itself in severe and bloodthirsty fashion. A situation Kasey and the gang never planned for. When the stakes are raised even higher, when many more lives are at risk, can the group re-evaluate everything they thought they knew and survive the unknown?