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When You Need a MiracleQuiet RevolutionThe Four Best Places to Live
Quiet Revolution

June 3, 2014


An Active Faith That Transforms Lives and Communities
by Jay F. Hein, Foreword by Senator Dan Coats

Paperback: 978-1-4778-1958-6 • $14.95
CD: 978-1-4805-9337-4 • 5 CDs • $14.99
MP3-CD: 978-1-4805-9351-0 • 1 CD • $9.99
Library Edition CD: 978-1-4805-9344-2 • 5 CDs • $49.97

How Faith in Action Makes the World a Better Place
Recent history reveals that American citizens have been the backbone of ambitious solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Through community-based efforts, the twenty-first century has seen an unprecedented rise in generosity and steep decline in global poverty. In The Quiet Revolution, readers are invited inside the White House to see how presidents have aided in this success by rallying Americans to serve their nation by volunteering in their individual communities and around the world.

In the early years of the twenty-first century, President George W. Bush’s Faith-Based and Community Initiative was a major catalyst for dramatic social improvements. The faith-based initiative clearly shows how the efforts of community volunteers helped to turn President Bush’s vision into reality.

The Quiet Revolution is about championing the unsung work of ordinary volunteers, spurred both by faith and simple goodwill, to roll up their sleeves in order to care for their neighbors in need.

Jay F. Hein Jay Hein is president of Sagamore Institute, a national policy think tank. He is also a distinguished senior fellow of Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion and director of ISOKO, an African think tank advancing enterprise solutions to poverty. Formerly, he served as both deputy assistant to the president and director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. In addition to writing this book, he is the coauthor of The New Wisconsin Idea—Reinventing Public Compassion for the 21st Century and serves as editor-in-chief of American Outlook, a quarterly public policy journal.
When You Need a Miracle

April 29, 2014


The Seven Secrets of Faith
by Cherie Hill

Paperback: 978-1-4778-2023-0 • $12.95
CD: 978-1-4805-9652-8 • 3 CDs • $14.99
MP3-CD: 978-1-4805-9654-2 • 1 CD • $9.99
Library Edition CD: 978-1-4805-9653-5 • 3 CDs • $49.97

Secrets of Faith from the Founder of ScriptureNow.com and Author of the eBook Bestseller Waiting on God
Life often feels full of impossible tasks—needs you can’t meet, wrongs you can’t forgive, obstacles you can’t overcome. And in the midst of these crushing challenges, you’re supposed to have faith in a God you cannot see? Yet, if you walk in faith, you’ll find God paving a path full of miracles and blessings through all of your trials—if you trust Him, no matter what.

However fearful or horrible your situations become, remember God has allowed them—or even placed you within them—for a reason: to give you an opportunity to ground your faith in Him. It is only when you’re at a total loss, only when you have no recourse but to fall to your knees and cry out for His intervention, that’s when miracles happen.

Through a decade of pain and suffering, bestselling author Cherie Hill discovered how God meets her exactly where she needs Him. Now it’s your turn to learn how life’s trials are just an overture to His miracles.

Cherie Hill Cherie Hill is the founder of ScriptureNow.com, a global ministry that brings the blessing of Scripture to more than thirty countries. Cherie takes joy in helping others explore the promises and blessings found within God’s Word. With a BA in psychology and biblical counseling training through the American Association of Christian Counselors, she writes for several online Christian magazines and counsels through various radio programs. When not writing or speaking, she commits her time to her church and various nonprofit organizations.


Four Best Places To Live

February 11, 2014


Discovering Worship, Prayer, Expectancy, and Love
by Mark Buchanan

CD: 978-1-4805-9645-0 • 2 CDs • $7.99
Library Edition CD: 978-1-4805-9646-7 • 2 CDs • $29.97
*Ebook and audio format only

Discover the Places Where God’s Truest Riches Reside
In The Four Best Places to Live, Mark Buchanan evaluates the best places to live—not according to the United Nations, Money, or Forbes—but according to God and Scripture. With compelling insight, Buchanan explores what God has revealed in His Word about where we become most alive, become most fully ourselves, and can dwell most closely with Him.

Mark BuchananMark Buchanan is the award-winning author of seven books, a popular conference speaker, professor, and a frequent contributor to Christianity Today. He says he writes because he can’t help it, a passion that started when he was twelve after a 5th grade teacher awakened in him the possibilities of language and story. Speaking about his passion, the local church, he says, “I became a pastor not because I intended to, but because God has a sense of humor. He saw something in me neither I nor anyone else saw, and He drew me down a path that has been the hardest and best of all.”

Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia and a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Vancouver’s Regent College. Mark served as the senior pastor of New Life Community Baptist Church in Duncan, B.C., for seventeen years and now holds the position of Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Ambrose Theological Seminary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

When not teaching, writing, or speaking, Mark can be found riding his motorcycle, drinking dark, rich coffee, or enjoying fishing, scuba diving, skiing, gardening, or woodworking.